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Saku Tuominen

CEO, Founder

Saku Tuominen has worked with innovation and creativity for over 25 years. He has founded several companies, written 10 books, taught disruptive innovation at Aalto University and consulted various companies on thinking skills and innovation. His favourite topics at school were history and literature.

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Lasse Leponiemi

COO, Partner

Lasse has been working in education since 2003. He founded Finland’s biggest e-counseling service for students in 2008, which was merged with another company in 2011. After this he founded NGO Mentors of Finland, which helps over 400 unemployed young people to find a job each year. His favourite subjects at school were social psychology and arts.

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Kate Robinson

Head of Strategic Operations

Kate has worked in arts and education since 2014, for clients such as The Clore Duffield Foundation, What Next? and the Art Room. Prior to this she spent 4 years working in early childhood learning and care, including a year-long internship at Blue School, NYC. Kate joined HundrED in August 2015 as Editor in Chief of HundrED. Her favourite things at school were dancing and thinking of ways to get out of PE.

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Keni Simola

Head of Partnerships | +358 40 537 5002

Keni has been working in education for 15 years. He was the co-founder of the training company Spring House and worked as its CEO for ten years, growing the company from his living room to becoming the most successful one in its field in Finland. He loved Helsinki School of Economics so much that he never got out of there. Keni is a father of two who enjoys sports and wine and is the author of the cookbook called ”Iskuruokaa”.

Valpuri 349e742c2769cd312cb4280188067c46f5486d0b6af10544381383249783c609

Valpuri Kurppa (on maternal leave)

Producer & Education Specialist | +358 44 739 4506

Valpuri has her master’s degree in the University of Helsinki within the Teacher Education Program. Valpuri joined the HundrED team as an education specialist in August 2015. Prior to this she has worked at The Finnish National Board of Education in the new curriculum process and in Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority in Consumer Education. Valpuri´s favourite subjects in school were physical education and music.

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Elina Uutela

Head of Communications

Elina has worked both in NGO's and startups, always trying to find the next interesting trend just around the corner. In addition to education, she is interested in technology, society and communication, and her passion is to speculate how these four will shape one another in the future. Elina joined the HundrED team in December 2016 and is responsible for communication – especially showcasing the educational innovations in a beautiful way.

Ada aa418817d5a0a95f2481ff5bfe1814f675117bd9e3ae7e9ebb90e4d33cba7984

Ada Kukkonen

Education Specialist

Ada is finishing her master’s degree in the University of Helsinki within the Teacher Education Program with an interest of specializing in the field of multiculturalism. She is currently writing her master’s thesis on computational thinking in elementary schools. Ada joined the HundrED team as an Assistant Researcher in February 2016. Prior to this she has worked in an elementary school. Ada’s favourite subjects at school were psychology and literature.

Anni decb37b89339dffd4aa8c6191b323b1d7c7dbe477655a89999ab6832340ff7ef

Anni Rautiainen

Assistant Researcher

Anni is returning to the University of Helsinki after spending a few years in Canada. She will continue her studies in the Teacher Education Program with hopes of specializing in the field of multiculturalism. Anni joined HundrED in February 2016. Her favourite subjects in school were history, art and literature.

Suvi 6aae390973f2a2ca6c7018f73a44a01c25734fd4fbb20aa745ae8a89442d3961

Suvi-Heini Lahti

Education Specialist

Suvi-Heini has a bachelor's degree from Performing Arts and Education. Currently she is studying her master's degree at the University of Eastern Finland within the Class Teacher Education program, specializing in Ethics. Suvi-Heini joined the SCOOL team in March 2016 as an Assistant Researcher. Prior to this she has been working in several elementary schools. Her favorite subjects in school were psychology and P.E.

Jessica 4e3693682bce619b74552e5ce3a1b89793aecfb9958b4ac9cc8f533425816ebd

Jessica Spencer-Keyse

Global Research Lead

Jessica has a master's degree from the University of St. Andrews in Psychology with a thesis exploring the impact of dance and drama on social-emotional skills. She also has over 5 years experience working in secondary schools, with her last position being Head of Pupil Premium Interventions. Jessica joined the HundrED Global office in October 2016 with an interest in finding and understanding innovations in education around the world. Her favourite subjects at school were history and theatre studies.

Josephine 39733e6756434f6c37800bba83f6faa74a1c174e1c976546354786d082f71f5a

Josephine Lister


Josephine has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Josephine joined the HundrED team in October 2016 as Editorial Assistant. Prior to this, she has worked in events, children’s television and educational media. Josephine’s favourite subjects in school were literature, theatre, history and art.

Vitaly 949af96aa28c4ccc65c28b1aaf6b254f3f15d1981da9e6c9f6d8730a7cae8e26

Vitaly Klimenko

Front-end Developer

Vitaly's education is from Chevepovets University and Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. He was recruited straight from the latter to work as a frontend developer. He has been building the HundrED service from a scratch, and is the other vital half of company's technical core.

Ivan 103a4a8bbd4a8d1b06f4ac6242819cb32853ed86e4c9b34ec5809f9b3759047a

Ivan Suvorov

Back-end Developer

Ivan has been a part of HundrED from the very beginning. He has studied in Cherepovets State University and Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. As a backend developer he is the technical backbone of the service, always eager to make it better for the users.