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The principles for project-based learning

8th of November 2015

We want to help you have best experience possible when using project-based learning in your classroom. 

Follow these tips and you and your students will be the gurus of PBL. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at. We are happy to help.

1) Change Your Thinking – From Answer Provider To Question Asker

In a world of change with infinite access to information online, it is impossible for a teacher to know everything. Lesson planning can become exhausting and time consuming for teachers if it takes up all of your free time.

By accepting that you no longer have to be the one doing all the background work, you will manage to create more time for yourself. And, by asking students leading questions you will in fact develop their learning and understanding further.

2) Give Students Responsibility for  Their Own Learning

Changing your thinking of your role as a teacher also changes the role of your students. With project-based learning you can engage students in their own learning and it challenges them to work together.

Giving students the responsibility of finding out for themselves instead of providing them with ready found answers actually prepares your students with 21st century skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking.

3) Forget Strict Schedules & Embrace Joy

Learning is an individual process. Learning with flexible schedules allows opportunities for each student to advancing and develop their skills at their own pace. Flexible schedules can give students time to engage in something they are motivated about for longer periods of time.

It has been said that serious play leads to breakthrough innovations, greater creativity and greater productivity. When students are having fun and they are motivated, they can open doors to the unknown and through this process they learn. It is the kind of learning that allows you to navigate through unknown areas, make unusual connections, and achieve new goals in unforeseen ways.

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