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Current affairs in education

6th of February 2016

Triplet News service was featured in "Opettaja" (Teacher) Magazine, the leading publication for teachers in Finland. ‚Äč

Opettaja-magazine interviewed SEN teacher Mr. Tomi Rautiainen from Jyväskylä Kilpinen Primary School. One of Triplet's early adopters, Mr Rautiainen incorporates it in a variety of ways within his teaching.

Many current affairs that students hear on the news or see on social media can be upsetting.

"News makes teaching more interesting for students. When the news can be analyzed together in the classroom it helps students to understand the changing world." says Mr. Rautiainen.    

It's easy to use Triplet. The teacher doesn't need any special skills or devices.

How do you  use Triplet?

"It's easy to use Triplet. The teacher doesn't need any special skills or devices. I hope this kind of easy-to-use services encourages teachers to use more digital education material" continues Mr. Rautiainen.

Teachers can use ready made simple or advanced activities to explain everyday headlines. All news items are categorized, making it easier for teacher to find news stories that are relevant to their lesson. 

Read the full article here: Opettaja magazine website (Finnish).

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Triplet converts three news stories into educational material for students and teachers every day.
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