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5 years of Campus Seminars

27th of October 2015

The Campus Seminar concept has grown in popularity, first in Finland before spreading out all over Europe. In 2015 it was the 5-year anniversary for us – we hosted 5 Campus Seminars in 5 different cities. 

Campus Seminar Helsinki

Campus Seminar Helsinki began in 2011 and has been fully booked for all it's 5 years. In 2015 we had the honor of having Fadumo Dayib (in photo), Pekka Timonen, Antti Häkkänen, Antero Vartia, Arman Alizad, Peter Lund, Petteri Koponen, Milla Halme and Pia-Henrietta Kekäläinen speak at the event.


In 2015, Campus Seminar spread to The Netherlands for the first time. The first Campus Seminar Amsterdam took place in the legendary Pathé Tuschinski theatre, which was loved by guests. Teachers had the pleasure of enjoying topics ranging from robotics to the future of housing to poetry about being a teacher.

Campus seminar vilnius

Campus Vilnius's inaugural year offered local teachers a unique chance to learn about the biggest changes happening in technology, science, arts, economy and culture from leading experts in these fields. An essential part of Campus Seminars is also the Campus Awards. Innovative teachers are recognised for their exemplary actions in the classroom (in the photo Campus Vilnius Award Winner Julija Liucija Ladygienė).

Campus Seminar stockholm

Campus Stockholm was the largest seminar ever hosted by SCOOL. Over 1,100 teachers attended the successful event. Swedish teachers got to hear and learn about the whimsical world of Hello Ruby from children's code book author Linda Liukas, the future of humanitarian aid from the mighty Hans Rosling (in photo) and the history of economy from Claes Hemberg.

Campus Seminar Warsaw

Organized for the second time, Campus Warsaw 2015 excited Polish teachers with new keynotes from different areas of expertise ranging from crossfit and lifetube to the ABC of start-ups. The seminar offered teachers new knowledge that they could bring with them to their own classroom and use in their teaching.

Campus seminars are annual events where teachers can learn about the global changes taking place in different fields from the world’s leading experts.


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Campus helps teachers understand how the world is changing outside of schools – topics range from climate change to robotics and everything in between.
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