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HundrED helps schools change with innovative educational formats.

The world is changing faster than ever. Schools need to change as well. In order to create a next generation of lifelong learners, schools should be places that excite people. Our mission is to make that happen.

We help schools change. We believe that the best way to make change happen is through education innovations. We seek and share ambitious, evaluated education ideas and work hard to spread them globally. is our non-profit project that seeks and shares education innovations worldwide. Learn more on

We are based in Finland but we work with passionate education experts from all continents.

HundrED education innovations

The world is changing faster than ever. Campus helps teachers understand global changes happening outside of schools.

Document and share everything that’s going on in your classroom together with your students. Start your own Dreamdo Schools project today and try out PBL in a new and inspiring way.

HundrED is a two-year long, non-profit project that will interview 100 global thought leaders, collect 100 exciting educational case studies worldwide & trial 100 new innovations in schools in Finland.

Triplet transforms daily news into education material overnight. Discuss the breaking news and top stories of the day with the help of Triplet. (Currently available in Finland only).

» Press Release: Campus Seminar starts global rollout with expansion into five countries
» Press Release: HundrED Raises $1M Funding

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